Carolin Huebner

Portrait of Carolin Huebner

I am German, but I’ve lived in Barcelona (Spain) for over half of my life. At school I showed interest in languages and art but the latter wasn’t really encouraged at home as I was expected to find a ‘decent’ job that could feed me.  
I’m a translator and really love my profession. However, my soul required passion. Expressing myself through art is a sign of exercising my freedom and although I have no art studies, perhaps I had a helping hand as I was born under one of the most creative signs, Taurus. And I’ve now been creating with batik and ikebana (Japanese Art of flower arrangement) for over 25 years.  
And why exactly these? I guess because they are freedom themselves, in ikebana because the material is alive and in batik, it’s the technique itself. Although you work as precisely as possible, you cannot control it. Just think of the cracks that appear wherever they want. Each piece is a challenge, an adventure. 
I’m 100% self-taught. After some experience with cotton, I decided to go on with silk, especially Crêpe Satin because of its beautiful shine. My artwork includes scarves and paintings and has been shown at local exhibitions. Since James entered my life and things became more and more difficult, I decided to transform my vestibule into a permanent exhibition. James? He’s neither a partner nor a friend, but we have been together now for nearly 20 years. He can make me lose balance or feel anxious, even depressed, although I may rest assured that he will never ever leave me. His full name is James Parkinson.  
However, with him I have learned to appreciate every good moment and I am thankful for any compliment about my artwork. And when I taught a friend's daughter the basics of batik, and saw her eyes light up as she looked at her own batik, I felt my heart fill with joy. 

Artworks by Carolin
Image entitled Dresden Cathedral
Dresden Cathedral
Image entitled Gecko's House or 50 Shades of Red
Gecko's House or 50 Shades of Red
Image entitled No More Suffering in Silence
No More Suffering in Silence
Image entitled Lady in Blue
Lady in Blue
Image entitled Somewhere in China
Somewhere in China
Image entitled The Old Pier
The Old Pier
Image entitled Up, Up and Away
Up, Up and Away
Image entitled Venice
Image entitled Scarf 1
Scarf 1
Image entitled Scarf 2
Scarf 2
Image entitled Scarf 3
Scarf 3
Photo of Carolin Huebner
Carolin is a Batik Guild member
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